The xXxtra XPleazment List


  1. Facial, For Him,
    The Hot Shot
  2. Facial, For Him,
    Took My Breath Away
  3. Facial, For Him, In Public
    The Over XPleazer
  4. Climax, Mutual
    Translation Please
  5. Climax, Facial, For Him,
    Unsung Melody
  6. Climax, Facial, For Him, Cum Tease
    V.I.P. Treatment
  7. Managing Director
    Virtual Appearance
  8. Managing Director
    Wax On, Wax Off
  9. Managing Director
    Waxed Figures
  10. Managing Director
    Zone Inspector
  11. Managing Director
    What Are You
  12. Managing Director
    Window Screening


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