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When it comes to sex, we all believe that we know everything we need to know about it! Not taking into consideration sex is more complex than just insert and drill! Due to sexual pride, ego or insecurities not too many of us, have ever asked what our partner's likes or dislikes are or actually been able to describe these desires.  

Sexual Pleasure & Gratification can be hard to properly explain 

XPleazers.com was created to help adult's of all ages increase their sexual knowledge, performance, experience and gratification. We do this by offering our viewers with "XPleazment Acts" Sexual Euphensisms / Acts designed to enhanced sexual encounters.


XPleazment Acts
(Experience In Sexual Pleazing Accomplishments)

Quicker Pick-Her Upper - 400 Points

Ceased & Assisted - 400 Points

Scenario: Guy gets a little too excited and releases way before her.
(Leaving her disappointed and extremely unsatisfied.)

Suggestion: The guy apologizes by either going down on her until he’s ready to continue or she reaches her point of release or break out a toy to help stimulate her until she gets hers.   

Side Note: (Don't just fall asleep. Get up and leave or find something else to do. You don't want blue balls, so why leave her with blue pus?)

Scenario: Girl announces that she's almost there! ("Just keep doing what you're doing")  Guy changes tempo and loses the moment.
(Leaving her disappointed and extremely unsatisfied.)

Suggestion: Don't change the tempo unless she ask you to! Ask her "How can I help get you there?" / "What you want me to do?" 
(Faster, Harder, Slower, On a Angle, Change Gyration, Talk Dirty?) 
Side Note: (Don't assume you got it, Go from "Me luv you long time to WTF! INSTANTLY!!!  

How Sexually Thrilling, Satisfying & Experienced Are You?

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